The Folador before the restoration works

The Folador was built in 1834 by Domenico Rubini, forefather of the present owner, in the site of an older and smaller building, that was bought, with the adjoining villa and farm, from the family of Counts Mantica.

Its dimensions are exceptional: 60 meters long and 14 meters wide, and just as imposing are the trusses that support the roof, their elegant design can still be fully appreciated.

It is amazing to think that these long beams were carried down from the forests of the Alps, some 80 kilometers away, in a period when the only available means of transport were horses and oxen: nowadays it is difficult to imagine the long line of waggons slowly crossing the plains of Friuli on dusty gravel roads!

The old trusses of the roof

The Western side doorways

The old cellar, when it was used as a storehouse